About Brian Baker PI

Since 1997, I have worked as a licensed private detective in the state of Pennsylvania. My experience includes criminal defense and capital mitigation, complex business theft cases, corporate threat assessment, insurance fraud, and civil law matters.

I have a master’s degree in criminology with a concentration in homicide theory and have numerous years of experience teaching criminology at the collegiate level, most recently as an adjunct lecturer at Penn State University.



Because of my graduate education in criminology and special training in mitigation, a unique service I provide to clients is the Forensic Social History and Independent Mitigation Profile. These profiles are created in a narrative biographical style and are designed to help attorneys advocate for their defendants in a way that humanizes the defendant to the court.

Purpose. The forensic social history tells a story. Every crime has a story. Every victim has a story. This profile is the story about the criminal and how the criminal became connected to the crime and the victim.

Design. I conduct a comprehensive review of the discovery and conduct multiple interviews with the defendant and additional sources to develop a rich biographical narrative that specifically details the sociological factors related to why the defendant’s life course led him or her to the point of criminal charges.

Use. Attorneys use this profile to develop their own themes and arguments for sentencing consideration or plea negotiations. The report may also be provided directly to prosecutors, judges, and other relevant experts for consideration. These reports help to determine level of rehabilitation or punishment needs, aid in restorative justice, and assist victims with understanding why the crime was committed.


All services are reserved for attorney clients, insurance carriers, and corporate or government professionals only. I do not provide services to private individuals.

I provide case consultation for Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation Support, and Corporate Investigation. This can include summary evaluation or second opinion.

Criminal Defense

  • Forensic Social History & Mitigation Reports
  • Violent Felonies
  • Death Penalty Mitigation
  • Court Appointment Services

Civil Litigation Support

  • Locate Witnesses or Heirs
  • Personal Injury
  • Interview and Statements
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Probate Research

Corporate Investigation

  • Executive and Contractor Due Diligence
  • Contract, Business Conduct, and Ethics
  • Workplace Violence


Fees are based on an hourly rate, plus mileage and expenses, or based on a flat rate, depending on the nature of the consultation. A retainer may be requested. As a professionally licensed firm, our rates are based on activities and duties performed and are not contingent upon reward, restitution, or the outcome of your case in a court of law.